May Update

We raised our goal of 23K for Johann Eyfells : A Force in Nature on Indiegogo!  Thank you to everyone who is helping this documentary reach completion by the end of the year!  I’m editing the film while our director and a cameraman have booked a journey to Iceland to shoot more in June.

I am currently editing episodes of A&E’s Shipping Wars, which is produced by Megalomedia in Austin, TX.  A music video I’m editing for Jonny Greenwald is also nearing completion as the final shots are rendering.

On another note, here are the videos I edited for Jonathan Haidt’s Ted Talk, produced by David Lackey with 3D work by Jonny Greenwald.

Here is an early, slightly darker, version of the Nature video for the Ted Talk.
Writing has begun on a feature I’m producing.  More details to come soon.